being a disciple of Jesus …

… is response to a call. The call to Simon Peter and his partners in fishing (Matthew 4:19: “Follow me, and I will make you fishers for people.”) is now addressed to everyone (Matthew 28:19-20).

… is departure from what has been normal (fishing for fish, for instance) to live life differently. Just how different we know better the better we understand the departure of humankind from God into what we now consider normal. What is normal is our self-reliance and our self-determination, which, for disciples of Jesus, are replaced by trust in God and submission to his will in everything. While discipleship is a departure from what seems normal to us, it brings us into line with the real shape and destiny of the universe. It brings us, that is, into God’s actions as the now-and-coming king.

… is both received freely and learned at great expense. Jesus is our model in our submission to God’s will, in our trust of God for all our needs, in our surrender of self-rule, and in our acceptance of suffering as the way in which we learn and live out our discipleship.

 this blog …

… is not really a blog. It doesn’t comment on the news or show pictures of babies, pets, or island resorts.

… is about being disciples of Jesus, which is what we’re given to do as Christians.

… is written to be understandable by most Christians.

… will eventually need a topical arrangement. In the meantime, see the list of post titles and the tag cloud to the right (or below, on smaller devices).


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