Love xiv: Crazy

I’ve played about with the numbering of the “Love” posts, 1, 2, 3.0, 3.1, 4, 4c, and now xiv. I’ve done this not to be clever but because love is crazy. If I or Hamlet am crazy, there is method in the madness, but not so with love: it is quite sincerely mad. It is crazy and resists both method and organization. Otherwise, is it love? How many romance novels include the element of someone wanting a suitor to do something crazy to prove, in effect, that he or she really loves? How many love songs claim that love has made the singer crazy?

    Love is megamoniacal. It hates being limited and loves imposing limits on what is not it. It wants to be all, and my sense is that it wants to be all because it is  all. Which is why…

1. Which is why God stooped to create (though, because God is love, that is the same as saying that God is his own reason for creating). Which is why mechanistic accounts of who we are fail. That is, it is why craziness is permitted in God’s universe. It is why we can claim — against “bigness of space and time” — to possess significance.

2. Which is why only those who are crazy in love with God can say that they will do whatever he requires of them before they know what he will require of them. Which is why the one who loves might call the one loved “master” and surrender control over life and death.

3.0 Which is why love is better given whole rather than measured out, and why it ignores borders.

3.1 Which is why love has to sort itself out outside those borders before it can tend to I, my my, mine.

3h. Which is why we sometimes step outside the two-party system and other networks of expectation in favor of one neighbor, realizing that our practicality is that of love rather than of calculation.

3.2 Which is why love can learn to recognize the enemy alongside or even before family. Which is why love is freed by being commanded.

4. Which is why the lover leaves the security of home and self-protection and stumbles across town through darkness. Which is why love is not calculation by passion.

4c. Which is why love does not hide its eyes from its own conflicts but faces them passionately.


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